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The Allen Community

Allen, Texas is known for its vibrant community. Residents can enjoy great schools, beautiful parks, and a bustling downtown area with fabulous shops and restaurants.

Meet new friends at community events like the annual Allen Arts Festival or enjoy sports at the Allen Event Center.

Would like to know more about the Allen, Texas community?

Allen City Median Listing Home price


Cost of housing in Allen, Texas

In July 2023, the median listing price for a home in Allen, Texas dropped by 11.1% from the previous year to $533,000.

The median price per square foot was $217.

The average monthly rent in Allen was $1,741, and the average cost of living in Allen stands at $2,074, classified as one of the most expensive cities in the world being in the top 14%.

The most expensive neighborhood in Allen is Greengate, with a median home price of $385,002 and a median rent of $1,811.

Cost of renting in Allen, Texas

The median rent in Allen, Texas is currently at $2,595. 

Last August, it was $95 less but $54 more than in July. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the area is $1,409, which has decreased by 8% from the previous year. 

Meanwhile, the average rent for all apartments in Allen is sitting at $1,717. For reference, the average monthly housing costs in Texas range from $1,025 to $1,867.

Allen Home/Apartment Rental SizeMonthly Cost
1 Bedroom$1,409
2 Bedroom$1,856
3 Bedroom$2,500
4 Bedroom$2,863

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Allen, Texas Property Taxes

Here’s some crucial information about the current property tax rates for homes in Allen, Texas.

Your Allen property taxes play a significant role in determining home affordability.

The property taxes are calculated by different taxing authorities (either cities or counties in Texas) using two factors: the assessed value of your home and the total tax rate for your local city or county.

To get a clear picture of how your property tax is calculated, you need to understand these factors in detail.

Firstly, the assessed value of your property is a crucial consideration in calculating your property tax. Secondly, you must be aware of the total tax rate for your local city or county.

This information will help you calculate your Allen property taxes accurately and determine the affordability of homes for sale in Allen, Texas.

Allen City Homestead Exemption

On April 11th, 2023, Allen City Council approved a 5% homestead exemption for homeowners in the city.

This exemption will take off 5% from appraised home values when calculating annual city property taxes for eligible homeowners.

This new exemption will particularly benefit those who own homes in Allen, making it more affordable for them to pay their taxes on time.

City/County City Allen ISDCountyTotal
Allen/Collin County0.4050001.3304000.2336631.985263

How do they assess the home value for property taxes in Allen, Texas?

In Texas, county appraisal districts determine the current market value of residential properties every year.

These valuations are the basis for tax payments on all properties within the county.

Allen, Texas Median Household Income


City of Allen Population*


Number of Parks in Allen*


Allen City Parks

Allen, Texas has a total of 66 parks and recreation facilities available for public use. Among them are 1,364 acres of thoroughly developed park land and 78.69 miles of hiking and nature trails that can be utilized by anyone.

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