What are the pros and cons of living in McKinney, Texas?

Sherien Joyner Realtor Pros and Cons of living in McKinney, Texas

The Pros and Cons of living in McKinney, Texas include a strong sense of community, affordable housing options, and excellent schools, while cons may include traffic congestion, lack of public transportation, and hot summers. As a seasoned Realtor servicing the North DFW, Texas area, I’ve come to understand the unique aspects each city in our […]

Is McKinney, Texas city a good place to live?

Is McKinney Texas A Good Place To Live? By Sherien Joyner Realtor

McKinney, Texas is generally considered a great place to live due to its strong community, good schools, and abundant amenities. People often ask, “Is McKinney, Texas a good place to live?”.  The answer is a definitive yes, but to fully answer that question, we need to delve deeply into the heart of this prosperous city […]

Buy Homes in McKinney, Texas

Sherien Joyner Realtor, GRI Carrollton, TX

On this page are searches in the family orientated city of McKinney, TX. Hello, my name is Sherien Joyner, Realtor, GRI, and live in Carrollton, Texas. I work in the North Dallas area so of course McKinney Texas, whose motto is “City of Excellence”, is a place I know and love. I have put together […]

7 Best reasons why you should sell your home in McKinney, Texas

Sell your McKinney, Texas Home with Sherien Joyner Realtor Real Estate Agent

Hello, I’m Sherien Joyner, an experienced Realtor in the North Dallas area and I understand that selling a home can be a big decision. It’s important to consider the current market conditions and evaluate your personal situation before making a move. If you’re wondering whether now is the right time to sell your home in […]

Top 10 Community Highlights of McKinney, Texas

McKinney Texas Community Highlights by Sherien Joyner

Welcome to the McKinney, Texas Community! As an experienced Realtor frequently working in this wonderful city,  I’m excited to share with you some community highlights of this friendly little big town. Whether you are looking to relocate or just visiting, I think you will fall in love with this city. Easy Access to Major Cities: […]